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In order to create sustainable labour relations, the interests of all parties involved must be taken into account in an appreciative manner. In addition to extensive experience and a high degree of sensitivity, this requires good empathy. With this in mind, we accompany managing directors, board members, (senior) employees and the self-employed in the re-orientation of their working environments. We draft and negotiate employment contracts, development plans and training agreements as well as termination and severance agreements. In doing so, we show you suitable alternatives when drafting contracts and accompany you through these processes to their conclusion.

We advise companies on personnel management during restructuring. In the event of internal conflicts (including mobbing, whistleblowing, harassment, etc.), we are available as a neutral point of contact and will also accompany you through arbitration and mediation.

We work pragmatically, individually and with a focus on solutions. In addition to facts, figures and legal positions, we have a trained eye and an open ear for human causes, expectations and motives - because this is often the cause of problems and thus the signpost to a sustainable solution.

We serve as a sparring partner for decision-makers and safeguard the interests ofmanagement and shareholders. This gives you an optimal working atmosphere in which you or your employees can work efficiently and successfully.

Range of services

  • Drafting of employment contracts

  • Internal labour law structures

  • Protection of management