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Hans Hünnscheid found his way into real estate transaction law with Treuhandliegenschaftgesellschaft (TLG), which after the fall of communism sold the so-called non-essential properties in the new federal states to investors. This was soon supplemented by the conception and structuring of indirect real estate investments in funds for WestFonds and IVG Immobilien AG, among others.

Hans Hünnscheid has been managing a family business for six years, managing the property portfolio of a wealthy family. In building up and structuring a real estate portfolio, he designs real estate transactions, asset and property management as well as project development in all legal and economic facets. One focus is on property optimization and thus the development of a "value add" strategy. Through close cooperation with the family office of the family, Hans Hünnscheid has proven his competence and experience in setting up and structuring a family office with a focus on real estate.