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We draft commercial contracts (sales, distribution, franchising, purchasing, development, partnerships, etc.) in order to assert and protect your economic interests. We examine the draft contracts of your partners for potential improvements and risks and coach you through the negotiation. We structure your important current contracts, optimize templates such as general terms and conditions and design proactive contract management systems, including deadline control.

We create and implement clear, efficient and tax-effective corporate structures (including articles of association, appointment of managing directors and board members, shareholder resolutions, etc.), also abroad, with transparent responsibilities at all management levels.

We register intellectual property (trademarks, utility models/models, designs, copyright) and defend them for you.

In a group structure we ensure optimal tax allocation, e.g. through licensing models and/or transfer prices (also with regard to OECD guidelines and BEBS).

We monitor that your competitors behave fairly, complying with the rules against unfair competition.

Our focus is on prevention.

At an early stage, legal conflicts can often be avoided or resolved more cost-effectively and quickly. However, if conflicts cannot be avoided, we will work with you to find an economically viable and timely solution - be it through mediation, arbitration or by taking legal action.

We avoid liabilities for you and your management through coaching and training. In instances of doubt, we act as sparring partners.

Efficiently and transparently

We handle your everyday legal topics efficiently and in a structured manner. For critical projects, we immediately provide the necessary competence and capacity - everything from a single source and with minimum effort to you.

We can quickly put ourselves in your shoes and suggest pragmatic solutions, because all our lawyers have worked hand in hand with management in legal departments of large companies for many years.

You should contact us, so that you can concentrate fully on your operational goals without being distracted by legal complications. In this way you need to deal with legal issues as little as possible, because we administer your "legal house" properly, efficiently and transparently. 

Range of services

  • Structured handling of all legal issues, thus relieving the management of its workload
  • Optimize your business relationships through proactive contract- and IP-management
  • Qualify and evaluate claims and defend or enforce them judicially