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If you want to use the (personal) data of your employees, partners and suppliers in a legally compliant way, you need a sensible data strategy. The principle of "Privacy By Design" means that every company must develop this strategy for itself. The strategy defines, beyond the pure legal framework, how you want to deal with the data entrusted to you. With the operating model, you transfer the strategy into the modus operandi of your company. This creates the necessary awareness, the contractual, technical and organisational basis for handling data.

Our approach goes beyond pure legal advice.

Together with you, we create an individual data strategy with a "holistic view" in which all relevant stakeholders (IT, HR, Sales, Procurement, Legal, Marketing etc.) are involved. With the joint implementation, we achieve the formal basics through policies, standards and training, advise in technical terms on suitable tools and software for successful implementation and process optimisation, which also takes appropriate risk controls into account, so that your data privacy framework also satisfies accountability, withstands an audit and can be continued in normal business operations with a minimum of effort. At the same time, you create added value for your company by enabling your employees to use the data for better products, better service offerings and targeted marketing. With our help you create a competitive advantage.

Development of compliance frameworks.

In other areas, too, we design effective compliance frameworks with you using the same comprehensive and pragmatic approach. Legal risks in a company (e.g. antitrust violations) can only be controlled if operational, commercial, technical and financial risks are also controlled and human weaknesses and criminal energy are identified in good time. We know companies and their players of every colour in all good and also in their weaker phases and know how to deal with them. We can use the hard legal instruments in a dosed and sustainable way, because we have understood the organizational and cultural context. On this basis, we can also validate your insurance cover.

We also have a high level of technical expertise in special areas such as machine safety and CE marking, which we effectively bring to your organisation through training and coaching.

Range of services

  • Data Protection & Information Security
  • Data strategies (data governance)
  • Effective compliance