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Doing business in our increasingly interconnected and digital world holds both new opportunities and new risks. Are you sure your IT-environment is secure? Are you prepared for the risks of cyber attacks or data loss?

We work hand in hand with your IT- and business decision makers to identify and manage technology, cyber and data risks.

As your business models continue to mature, our experts work with you to model the commercial strategy and implement the necessary contractual and corporate frameworks.

IP-strategy and IP-regulations

As part of your business strategy, do you protect your most valuable intellectual property (IP), including trademarks, utility models, designs, copyright, licenses, counterfeit protection? We help you to design an appropriate IP-strategy and IP-regulations, register, defend and audit IP, licensing models, license management and license negotiations.

If you already have formalised legal processes, we can help you to make them more efficient - with the help of the right technology.

Better control risks.

We have extensive experience in contract and know-how management, document automation and workflow. This enables you to better control your risks, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs. As a starting point, we identify with you the real "pain points" in your legal processes (too slow, too complicated, too expensive, etc.) and the desired result.

Our comprehensive digital legal transformation model supports you throughout this entire process - from selecting a solution, through configuration and implementation, to training. 

We can suggest efficient outsourcing of legal processes - to us or to other suitable providers at home and abroad.

Range of services

  • Business / Legal - Managing opportunities in technology, cyber security and data environments
  • Digital business models and transformation - legal aspects
  • Transform legal processes with technology to achieve "more with less”