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We provide you with comprehensive advice on corporate and contract law when setting up or acquiring a company, as well as on spin-offs, the conversion of smaller companies and even complex group restructuring.

Optimal tax planning

Optimal tax planning also has a major economic impact on companies and entrepreneurs. Therefore, this area is always a focal point of our audit.

If your company experiences rapid growth, your risk profile automatically changes. Internal structures and processes often do not grow fast enough. You have to cope with more complexity. With our diverse corporate experience and the scalability of our services, we are your ideal partner for covering all legal issues to ensure successful growth.

In a M&A project (merger, company acquisition, business transfer, outsourcing/insourcing, spin-offs, private equity, cooperation) our team supports you in all legal aspects. As part of the due diligence, we analyze the opportunities and risks of the financial framework conditions (financial due diligence) and examine the current tax status (tax due diligence) of the company. We examine the contractual and other legal relationships (legal due diligence) for legally critical risks and investigate for additional potential with you. When negotiating and implementing a transaction complexity and time pressure are high. With a cool head, we ensure that all important details are adequately reflected in the contract. When it comes to employees, we ensure a successful transition and support negotiations with employee representatives. If an integration occurs, we support you in achieving the synergy goals beyond purely legal issues also in the economic, personnel and cultural integration.

You should contact us so that we can accompany you through such change processes and projects from the first step to the final implementation, while you can concentrate on your strategic and commercial priorities.

Range of services

  • Company acquisition and restructuring
  • Tax structuring and optimal corporate forms
  • Staying in control in growth situations